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Mike Hauptman

Mike Hauptman

Social media and the Internet have dramatically changed how real estate marketing is done. Online marketing is absolutely critical for driving buyer traffic and making sure sellers receive top dollar.

Mike Hauptman comes to the Wicker Homes Group with over 7 years of consulting experience in knowledge process outsourcing and a couple of financial institutions, where he developed his marketing and social media expertise. Mike is also extremely tech savvy and is very proficient with SEO, as well as a variety of web design, analytics and graphics packages.

Working closely with Tad Wicker and a few nationally recognized social media thought leaders, Mike is responsible for implementing a robust marketing and social media strategy for Wicker Homes which maximizes the online marketing exposure our clientsʼ homes receive. He supports various UNDP sustainable livelihood programs and indigenous rights and has volunteered for USAID projects, one of which is the implementation of the Clean Air Act.