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9 Date night ideas for busy parents in Loudoun County

If life as a busy parent is bearing down on you and your partner, then going on regular date nights may just be the thing to reduce the stress and spice up your relationship. Admittedly though, coming up with ideas for date night during COVID can be challenging.

To help you out, we’ve come up with several interesting date night ideas (plus practical workarounds) that are both romantic and doable in Loudoun County, VA.

Dates can be arranged during the day

The veil of darkness at night may be more conducive to romance during and after a date but even the daytime provides opportunities to bond with your partner. All you need to do is to find those short magic moments in between your kids’ daily schedules and use these to have micro-dates.

Here are some micro-date suggestions:

  • Lovey-dovey lunch dates. Once the kids are in school, find a quiet restaurant for a lunch date like The Wine Kitchen which serves up a hearty lunch menu. Or, how about ordering takeout and eating safely outdoors at Potomac Crossing Park?
  • Coffee break dates. If you can’t do lunch, try grabbing a coffee break together. Great conversation is made even better over a good cup of freshly brewed coffee. Try SideBar for a unique caffeine-filled experience with your loved one.
  • Between-playdates/sports practice micro-dates. Once the kids are brought to sports practice, piano lessons, or even regular playdates with their friends, you can take a nice stroll in any of Leesburg’s town parks or just savor the time together at home. Use this valuable time to connect with your partner in small but significant ways.

Enlist the help of trusted loved ones

Good babysitters are hard to come by these days, so it’s best to entrust babysitting duties to extended family or friends you can trust. Not only does this give you and your partner at least one full day of uninterrupted time together but this will also allow the children to have their own quality time with people who are special to them.

Indulge yourselves in any of these lovely one-day-only treats:

  • DIY couple massage. Massage and at-home spa treatments can be both relaxing and lovely for you and your partner. Complement the mutual pampering with your choice of wine, a charcuterie of cheeses and cold cuts, and soft music.
  • Catch up on nap time. Napping together is an underrated but extremely valuable activity for couples. With the kids away from home for the day, busy parents will certainly want to finally catch up on their zzz’s. And what better way than to sleep together?
  • Binge time. You know that series you both have been meaning to watch together but never found the time to do it? Now’s the perfect time to binge on those episodes!

Book date nights well ahead of schedule

For an uber-special date night, make sure to plan it ahead of time. This is especially crucial for significant dates like your anniversary or your partner’s birthday. One caveat though: if you book too far in advance, something urgent may come up and force you to cancel at the last minute. That’s why it’s best to be mindful of expectations and outcomes. You may even want to have a Plan B or Plan C just in case your original plan falls through the cracks.

Here are some great date night ideas:

  • Dinner and a show. Check local listings in LoCo for some live music!
  • Pampering for two. You’ve done it DIY, now try it in a place as luxurious as Salamander Resort & Spa.
  • Plan a weekend getaway. Loudoun County owns the distinction of being DC’s Wine Country. Check out Zephaniah Farm Vineyard in Leesburg, Three Creeks Winery in Hamilton, and many other local sources of fine wines and spirits. A weekend DC Wine Country tour doesn’t take you too far from home. That makes this getaway more doable and easy to fit in your busy schedules.

Date night success!

Finding ways to keep your love alive is easy here in Loudoun County, where there are many places to visit and things to do for a romantic getaway. And if you want to find out more about both lifestyle and real estate opportunities here, talk to us – the Wicker Homes Group – at 571.338.3880 or send an email to debbiewicker(at)wickerhomes(dotted)com.