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Fun outdoor activities in Loudoun County, VA

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There’s a lot of the great outdoors to explore in Loudoun County – especially if you’ve been cooped up for some time and are eager to spend a few hours in the open air. Known for its rich history, expansive hiking trails, stunning scenery, thriving businesses, and pleasant neighborhoods, LoCo has everything for everyone.

In your search for fun outdoor activities, you’ll discover options galore – plenty of amazing sights, fun on the water, and a chance to get to know the amazing history of the area. Check out this helpful guide to find out what kind of outdoor adventure most speaks to you.

Here’s a list of a few things for you to do to in Loudoun County to help you plan your outing:

Hiking trails

  • Blue Ridge Center
    Environmental conservation comes first at this 900-acre property where diverse habitats are promoted to preserve the wildlife. Check out their camping area or their farmhouse for a great weekend getaway.
  • Raven Rocks
    Living up to its name, Raven Rocks is a 5.1-mile, 1,500-foot trek into grand mountain views. It’s one of the more challenging trails in Loudoun County, but the views are certainly worth the effort.
  • Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve
    History buffs may enjoy the discoveries in Banshee Reeks, including pre-colonial sites and artifacts. But there are also 20 miles of trails to explore within the park’s 695 acres and the opportunity to come across the amazing flora and fauna of the area.
  • Audubon Naturalist Society Rust Nature Sanctuary
    Take an easy afternoon hike in this 40-acre sanctuary where you can stop from time to time to indulge in a little leisurely bird watching. You can even take a natural history class or a guided walk from the caretakers to fully appreciate the wonders of this nature sanctuary.
  • The Washington & Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail
    Explore one of the most historical trails in Loudoun County. The 45-mile trail extends from Arlington to Purcellville, an area ideal for casual hikes, bike rides, as well as horseback riding. Expect to encounter forest animals along the way.

Historic estates and battlefields

  • Morven Park
    It’s hard to resist the fantastic scenery, gorgeous gardens, and the equestrian center in this 1,000-acre park. Moreover, the park hosts three museums. Operated by the non-profit organization Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Morven Park enjoys the support of the community to preserve the rich history of this beautiful estate.
  • Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park
    Get a nice view of the Potomac River from this park, which allows you to explore one of the largest Civil War estates in Loudoun County. Catch the occasional living history event. Or wander on your own across hiking trails where you’ll encounter deer, rocky cliffs, and rushing streams.

Farms and stables

  • Red Gate Farm
    Offering individual and group trail rides, camp programs, competitive horse shows, and even birthday parties for horse lovers, Red Gate Farm is a place that welcomes all.
  • Potomac Riverside Stables
    Potomac Riverside boasts excellent facilities to train beginner and competitive riders. The property sprawls across 400 acres where you can board your beloved horses and attend occasional events for equestrian enthusiasts.


  • Harpers Ferry Adventure Center
    Offering all variety of watersports, as well as camping and team building experiences, the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center makes sure group activities and events always spell fun. Guests will have a great time during the summer when live bands play. Bring a picnic blanket if you just want to spend the time chilling outdoors.
  • River Riders
    Adventures await at River Riders – everything from whitewater rafting and kayaking, to canoeing and fishing. The facility also holds summer camp for kids.

There’s more to discover in Loudoun Country, including wineries and golf courses, which we shall discuss at length in a future blog post.

In the meantime, feel free to explore the many bracing options designed for the adventurer in you, whether you’re a casual, moderate, or extreme adventurer. There’s an activity you can thrill to (or learn) at your skill level – on land, in the water, and up in the sky.

One thing’s for sure: there’s never been a better time to experience – or live in – Loudoun County, Virginia.

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