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Health and Fitness Guide for Busy Moms in Loudoun County

Moms have always had to juggle a lot of things — and even more so during this pandemic. As such, staying fit and healthy has never been more important for the supermoms of the world. To help you on your path to wellness, we offer these crucial tips:

Set aside time for workouts

Do you find yourself promising to exercise but failing to follow through? As fitness experts will tell you, motivation alone is not enough — if you intend to work out, you have to block off time for it. Setting aside even just an hour or two each day for exercise will go a long way towards helping you reach your fitness goals. Scheduling your workout also tells other family members that exercise time is “mommy time,” so they’re less likely to interrupt you during your session.

Use what you already have

A lot of moms think that working out means buying expensive workout equipment and gear. In reality, any form of physical activity is a viable form of exercise. Running and biking are excellent cardio exercises that require very little investment. If you’re looking to tone your body and strengthen your muscles, bodyweight exercises like planks, air squats, and walking lunges require no equipment whatsoever. Even yoga, which helps improve your flexibility, is a low-cost workout — all you need is a floor mat and some stretchy clothing. Even better, Loudoun County, VA offers many recreational spaces that support an active lifestyle.

Be an early bird

Waking up early has several surprising benefits, including improved mood, better concentration, and lower risk for chronic diseases. The wee hours of the day are also an excellent time to squeeze in a workout before you and your kids get ready for the day ahead. There are many advantages to working out early as well: fewer distractions, cooler temperatures, more energy, and increased alertness, among others. It has a cumulative effect, too, as people who work out first thing in the morning tend to make healthier decisions throughout the day. For instance, they’re less likely to snack on junk food or stay up late.

Follow your own eating advice

Parents always ask their kids to finish their vegetables, but how often do you finish yours? Of course, eating your fruits and veggies isn’t always easy given your hectic day, but try to clean up your diet little by little. Instead of dining out at a fast-food joint for lunch, brown bag a healthy and filling salad bowl instead. Or instead of reaching for a chocolate bar in the afternoon, snack on fresh fruits instead. Eating healthier doesn’t have to happen overnight, but even little tweaks will go a long way towards improving your overall wellness.

Prioritize sleep

Between caring for your family, managing your workload, and handling household chores, getting enough sleep is certainly a struggle for moms. Still, getting quality shut-eye gives you the energy you need to do all the day’s work. What’s a frazzled mom like you to do? First off, don’t be a superhero; ask your partner for help so you don’t stay up late trying to finish all of the housework. You should also insist on work-home separation; that is, explain to your boss and colleagues that you will not be able to respond to them after a certain time. Lastly, develop a sleep routine to relax your body and prime it for peaceful slumber. This can include taking a relaxing hot bath, turning off your smartphone, meditating, or playing relaxing music.

Make yourself accountable

The road to better health and fitness doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Why not get your family and friends into the plan as well? Not only is it helpful to have a support crew cheering you along, sharing your intentions with others makes you more accountable, too. That is, you have a group of trusted people who can check in on your progress and who you have to report to periodically. After all, you’re less likely to skip a workout or have a cheat meal if your loved ones know about your fitness goals. You will also have a trusted sounding board who can hear out your frustrations and offer you crucial advice when you hit road bumps.

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