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Staying healthy in Loudoun County

With fast food that’s only a click or call away and a pandemic that has kept us at home, leading to more sedentary lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay fit and healthy. However, keeping a healthy lifestyle is easy when you live in Loudoun County, VA. LoCo has an extremely high health score at 91 in terms of population health, and this could be attributed to the abundance of venues here for exercise and other strength and endurance-related activities.

On top of the numerous parks and nature trails here where you can bike, walk, and jog outdoors, each community in Loudoun County, VA has its own fitness centers for indoor workouts. Let’s look at some of the best fitness centers here and what they offer:

Orange Theory Fitness
Loudoun County branches: Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, and South Riding

Take part in group workouts that not only strengthen and tone your body but also allow you to bond and make new friendships with like-minded health buffs in the community. Here at Orange Theory, it’s not simply all about weight reduction – it’s about building a better version of yourself. Each member is fitted with a heart rate monitor prior to exercise. Results from these heart monitors dictate the intensity of exercise your body needs to achieve optimum fitness. Then each class session is divided into three main workouts: rowing, cardio, and strength training. Heart rate monitoring combined with these different types of workouts creates results that participants can really see and feel for themselves.

Anytime Fitness
Loudoun County branches: Leesburg, Lovettsville, Chantilly, and Purcellville

If you’re just starting out on the road to a better you, Anytime Fitness will make the first baby steps easy by offering a free seven-day trial to new clients. (Note: this promo is available in selected locations only.) This will be the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the machines, gears, facilities, installations, and coaching staff of this gym. Each new member will undergo a fitness consultation to set goals and find the program that will allow the member to achieve those goals. Should you be committed to proceeding with your fitness journey here, you can join in the team workouts or go on a one-on-one workout with a personal trainer to guide you.

LocoFit Leesburg
314 South Street SE A, Leesburg

If you have other considerations apart from simply keeping fit (e.g., you’re too busy, budget is tight, you’re prone to injury, etc.), then LocoFit Leesburg will help you build a fitness regimen that factors in all these considerations and more. This is the beauty behind this homegrown gym. Moreover, it not only gives members options to work out as part of a group or with a personal coach but it also has a nutrition program where a certified nutrition coach lays out a diet plan based on your lifestyle. This program also has a feedback function plus constant coaching to make sure you stick to the diet plan.

Pure Barre
Loudoun County branches: Leesburg, Ashburn, and South Riding

The concept of a pure barre workout may still be alien to some people, but in LoCo many residents have embraced this relatively new type of fitness regimen. Those with a background in ballet will be familiar with the barre, and exercises under the pure barre workout use the same wall-mounted apparatus that ballet dancers hold on to during practice and lessons. Exercises here are low-impact but high intensity. Experts note that pure barre isn’t about weight loss, but more about energy building and balance. If you want to experience first-hand how the pure barre fitness regimen works, find a participating branch and book a schedule for a free pure barre class.

The Fitness Equation
Branches in Ashburn (One Loudoun) and South Riding

Whether you’re a beginner, an exercise enthusiast, an athlete, or a curious Joe, you’ll find just the kind of workout for you here at The Fitness Equation. You’ll find a variety of training sessions and classes that will fit your preferences. But what distinguishes this gym from the rest is their Ninja Warrior facility which is based on the popular reality show with a similar name. Both adults and kids can sign up to use this facility under the guidance of professional trainers. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a more home-based approach to their fitness lifestyle, TFE offers virtual classes to its members.

Staying healthy is more fun in LoCo

Your fitness goals are easier to achieve when you have access to the best exercise facilities in this part of Northern Virginia. We want you to fall in love with Loudoun County just as we have. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call – the Wicker Homes Group – at 571.338.3880 or send an email to debbiewicker(at)wickerhomes(dotted)com.